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4th of July Accessories

Shop Boho Boom accessories, perfect for 4th of July. Embrace the freedom of expression with our handcrafted pieces that sparkle like fireworks in the night sky, adding a touch of summer flair to your festive ensemble. From delicate starry pendants to vibrant firework-inspired earrings, let your style sizzle at summer BBQs and beyond.
  1. Lapis Light Blue Yellow Beaded Hair Clip - 2 Pack

  2. Red Resin Drop Post Earrings
    $ 25.00 $ 14.00

  3. lapis coral petite round earring .25" Earrings

  4. Red Hex Resin Bangle Bracelet
    Red Hex Resin Bangle
    $ 30.00 $ 14.00

  5. Red Lilac Stripe Hoop Earrings earrings

  6. Red raffia ball wrapped hoop earrings 2" Earrings

  7. navy raffia ball wrapped hoop earrings 2" Earrings

  8. blue navy amber crystal cluster post earring .75" Earrings

  9. light blue multi sequin dangle hoop earring 1.75" Earrings

  10. Allysa Solid Dangle Earrings Red Earrings