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Blue Beaded Earrings + Jewelry

The blue color of our jewelry is reminiscent of the clear blue sky on a beautiful day and adds a touch of tranquility and serenity to any outfit. It's the perfect addition to any jewelry collection, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication.
  1. Victoria Mixed Seed Bead Hoop Earrings Blue + Orange

  2. Whitney Diagonal Stripe Beaded Fringe Earrings Blue and Red Earrings

  3. Grace Bracelet Stack of 3 - Blues Bracelet

  4. Abigail Mix Matched Post Earrings Blue and Yellow Earrings

  5. Victoria mixed seed bead hoop earrings navy + light blue

  6. Harriet Woven Top Gingham Beaded Fringe Earrings Light Blue SHORT FRINGE