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  1. Quinn Color Block Beaded Necklace Hot Pink and Navy Necklace

  2. gold color block 10 strand stretch bracelet Bracelet

  3. brass circle bird hoop earrings 1.75" Earrings

  4. brass small butterfly wings post earrings 1.25" Earrings

  5. Amelia Circle Rainbow Dots Earrings Brass Earrings

  6. brass straight bar post earring 2" Earrings

  7. brass open fan post earrings 1.5" Earrings

  8. brass twisted hoop earrings 1.25" Earrings

  9. brass wavy stick post earrings 2.25" Earrings

  10. brass small double heart threader earrings 1" Earrings

  11. brass half gear post earrings 1.25" Earrings

  12. brass scalloped threader earring 2.5" Earrings