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Silver Earrings

  1. Amelia Circle Bird Hoop Earrings Silver

  2. Kelly Checkered Beaded Hoop Earrings Navy + Silver FRONT HOOP

  3. Raquel Striped Hoops Silver
    $ 50.00 $ 38.00

  4. Esme Luxe Bead Heart Shape Post Earrings Silver

  5. Maggie Sunburst Hoop Earrings Silver
  6. Martha Organic Three Circles Hoop Earrings Silver

  7. Maggie Half Circles Hoop Earrings Silver
  8. Maggie Opposite Lines Hoop Earrings Silver
  9. Autumn Falling Weeping Willow Dangle Earrings Silver

  10. Gretchen Half Sun Threader Earrings Silver
  11. Juliet Bird Earrings Silver

  12. Frida Diagonal Uniform Stripe Beaded Earrings Navy + Silver DROP

  13. Zelda Small Diamond Outline Navy + Silver DROP