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Resort Accessories

  1. Victoria Mixed Beaded Hoop Earrings Amalfi

  2. Melissa Alternating Two Color Grids Petite Beaded Fringe Earrings Amalfi

  3. Celia Small Triangle Drop With Semi-Precious Stone Post Coral

  4. Sadie Horizontal Colorblock Thin Luxe Beaded Headband Amalfi

  5. Zelda Angled Stripe Diamond Earrings Amalfi

  6. Caroline Two Color Woven Raffia Headband Peach

  7. Grace Two-Color Block Sequin Stretch Bracelet Coral/Ivory

  8. Lexie Solid Beaded Fringe Earrings Coral

  9. Phoebe Solid Bracelet Coral
    $ 30.00 $ 25.00

  10. Lilah Semi-Precious Stone Post With Organic Shapes Beaded Fringe Earrings Amalfi